The situation related to COVID-19 which is changing rapidly, obliges us to make certain changes to our schedules as always we take the well-being of our staff and our customers to heart.
Although our offices are closed. We are available to serve our clients who have staff needs. Being an intermediate services to health services we must continue to meet demand.
In order to reduce face to face interactions and for the protection of all, our offices we will not receive candidates for the next few days.
You can still contact us by email (
And or by phone (613-695-7020)
It is certain that we will do our best to answer as soon as possible

L'équipe d'Athena
Thank you

Choosing qualified staff for Institutions.

Institutional food service requires specialized staff familiar with government standards, proper hygiene and compliance with health regulations.

Athena understands the requirements for these positions and works with your Chief of Food Service to develop a personnel strategy for smooth kitchen operations.

Athena has the skills to choose the best bakers, butchers, dietitians and food inspection staff.

Institutions from hospitals to correctional facilities must maintain strict standards.

Our proficient Athena staff works with your guidelines. You can always depend on Athena for qualified professionals who are ready to join to team.

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