Providing dedicated Hotel Employees.

It takes a lot of personnel to run a hotel or resort. Whether your needs are short term for peak season or you are looking for key full-time personnel, Athena has the expertise to select eligible candidates.

Outstanding hospitality service requires talented individuals who get the job done efficiently and effectively. Our commitment to finding the right person for the job saves you time and money.

Athena can also provide external consulting for senior management choices including reference checks, CV validation and interviews.

Our staff at Athena takes the time to understand your corporate culture and finds you the right fit for each position. We have candidates who can handle back office duties such as procurement and payroll. We can assemble a top notch culinary team from chefs and prep cooks, to wait staff, dishwashers, bar staff, housekeeping and more.

With Athena on your team, you can do your job while we do ours.

We know people and we know hospitality.

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